Offshore oil jobs competition is very competitive now days. You have to try some tips how to get your CV better and better to attract the attention of potential employer. 

Curriculum Vitae is the first tool for applying oil gas jobs. Since potential employers have to select practically hundreds or thousands of applications letters to a few valid ones, they have to base their narrowing down efforts using the CVs they have collected. Do they read entire of the CV ? the answer is no. 

Some surveys said that most of the offshore jobs employers decide to accept or reject job applications based on the related work experience listed in the Curriculum Vitae. Another most of the employers decide to reject or accept these job applications based on the layout design of these applications. So you have to combine both of the tips and read offshore oil jobs hunting tips to get further detail.

Most concerned for Offshore Jobs Hunting 

  • Where / How to apply for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

  • Eligibility Requirements for Offshore / Maritime Jobs

  • What to Take When You Apply / Get Hired

  • Available Positions / Wages / Hours / Conditions

  • Advancement / Training For Offshore Maritime Jobs

  • Domestic / Overseas Work for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

  • Offshore / Oilfield / Maritime Operations (what goes on out there)

  • Types of Rigs & How They Operate

  • World Wide Rig Locations

  • Work Schedules for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs (explains 7on, 7 off, 14/14, 28/14, 28/28, 60/30, etc.)

  • What to Take / NOT to Take

  • How to Use Your Prior Military Experience (to help you get your foot in the door)

  • What It's Like / What to Expect / Not Expect

  • What Are My Chances At Getting an Offshore Oil Rig Job?

  • Is Your Resume / CV a WINNER or a LEMON?

  • What Is The Difference Between Resume Blasting and Direct Contact? 

  • Reporting For The Interview

  • Safety on the Rig / Emergency Procedures


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