Job Resume Tips

Importance of your CV/Resume

Your CV/Resume is a very important document which can have a fundamental influence on your career and life. A good CV can help elevate a job applicant to the top of the pile, but equally a poor one could prevent the best candidate for a position being missed, in most cases a CV/Resume is often all an employer has to judge a candidate upon prior to interview.

 These days employers often receive a lot of CV’s/Resumes for each advertised position. Consequently, your CV has to be just that little bit special to stand out if you want to secure interviews.

Of course a good CV/Resume can continue to work in your favour even after it has obtained an interview for you. It can help you at an interview by carefully focusing the interviewer's mind on your good points and on your achievements. Once you have left the interview it can continue to work in your favour, as the interviewer will probably reread it before making a decision, as to who will be invited to the second interview stage or to whom a job offer should be made. A well written CV/Resume can help when it comes to salary negotiations. If your CV/Resume conveys your full worth you are likely to get a higher salary offer than you might have done with a poorer CV/Resume.

In short, skimping on the time you spend on writing a CV/Resume will be a false economy that might harm your career progression
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